Gloria Brown-Simmons

Ms. Brown-Simmons is a Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS), Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her major focus is Earth and planetary visualization. Ms. Brown-Simmons was awarded the Bachelor of Art (BA) degree from Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee; the Master of Fine Art (MFA) from the University of California at Los Angeles; and the Master of Science in Visual Studies (MSVS) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her current project is the Creative Visualization of Ocean Data - Oceanet. Ms. Brown-Simmons recently completed an Interagency Personnel Appointment to the GLOBE Program, the White House, as the Manager for Visualization as the Manager for Visualization and Presentation Programs. Her GLOBE assignment concluded with the completion of a large scale international systematic processing system for visualization and display of daily in situ and remotely sensed data. A portion of her work has been concentrated on the processing of planetary data from the Galileo, Voyager and Viking missions. In addition, she has contributed to the Galileo Earth Rotation animation, the Galileo Venus animation and the Solar System animation. The Earth science project, for which the videotape 'Visualization of Tectonic Features: The Colorado River Extension' was made, employs image processing and animation to depict the surface materials and subsurface seismic detail of the region for analysis. Her meteorological animation has appeared on the Weather Channel 1986 (cable TV); the National Meteorological Conference (1987, 1988); SIGGRAPH (1987, 1988); NCGA (1986); and animation produced under her direction at GLOBE appeared on CNN weekly in 1995.
New Directions for Earth and Planetary Visualization