Online infrastructure to organize around shared purpose

A new capacity for more effective online collaboration
JLINC is a new technology for sharing data under digitally signed automated agreements.

This allows existing systems to be interconnected in new ways.

You could think of it like a distributed Facebook that actually serves society, where each individual can control the content feed that they see, and each group can host their own page wherever they want under their own control.

The first working JLINC deployment gives individual users control over their personal data sharing, permission for how it may be used, and their communication preferences to fulfill the new personal data rights under GDPR in the EU.

The JLINC working beta can connect each user to any organization on Salesforce.

The same core technology can connect many platforms and additional functions can be added to allow individuals and groups to use JLINC to interconnect a new kind of universal organizing infrastructure.

The Vision:
The ecosystem is the designed to work like the intelligent nervous system of the planet, to address the real and pressing issues of our time.

Each user controls their own news feed and their own attention space, and each group controls their own collaboratively filtered feed.

News and content arrives with a digitally signed chain of custody showing who produced it and their reputation.

The same system can support both news and shared content as well as user-controlled marketing communication.

Individual users express interest in the products and services that they want.

Marketers respond with relevant information, and pay for that user-directed interest and communication.

A share of that revenue goes back to journalists and content producers. 

Journalist who produce real content receive payment for it from a portion of the marketing revenue on the system.

This creates a virtuous circle where people pay for good quality content production by participating in a new kind of marketing communication that serves them under their own control.