Anee Schneeman
General Manager
Anée manages financial accounts for Planetwork programs and fiscally sponsored projects. She is Planetwork’s administrative anchor and accounting point person.
Kaliya Hamlin
Identity Woman - Network Director
Kaliya is one of the leading authorities in the world on digital identity. The World Economic Forum selected Kaliya as a Young Global Leader in 2012.
Troy Lush
Solutions Research Consultant
Troy has over 2 decades experience studying systemic solutions and intervention strategies for the global predicament. He is focused on research and convening thought leadership events among key individuals.
Victor Grey
Software Architect
Victor was a presenter at the 2003 Planetwork Conference, one of the first developers for Identity Commons, and the co-founder of the 2idi i-name service.
Jim Fournier
Co-founder, President & Board Chair
Jim is founder of Carbon Path, which brings together his decades of experience in sustainable systems, carbon and climate, with his work on information technology, digital identity and automated data exchange.
Elizabeth Thompson
Co-founder & Board Member
A pioneer in the New York and San Francisco art and culture scenes for almost 2 decades, Elizabeth served as Executive Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute where she conceived and produced the $100k Fuller Prize for synergetic solutions to global problems for 10 years.
Brad deGraf
Treasurer & Board Member
Brad was the principal founder of LinkTank at Planetwork. He most recently exited r88r, a technology company that derived influencer networks from Twitter by analyzing re-tweeted URL's.
Heather Newbold Ph.D.
Secretary & Board Member
Author of Life Stories - interviews with 16 of the worlds leading environmental scientists: Lester Brown, Paul Ehrlich, John Firor, Martin Holdgate, Henry Kendall, Thomas Lovejoy, James Lovelock...